Recommended Sites & Resources


Working on a project like Military Operations with a small team is a monumental task.
It wouldn’t be possible without the many enthusiasts and contributors on the web.

Friends of MilOps

We like to point out those who actively support our project.
Many thanks, we appreciate it!


The DogsOfWar forum has been reporting about us from the start. They never miss a snippet of news.
They have an active community that covers many facets of serious gaming, from wargaming to simulators.


JC is a blogger who covers games that emphasize realism.
Naval combat, flight simulators and land warfare, he covers it all. Be it tactical or strategic.

Historical resources

MilOps aims to simulate WW2 combat in a realistic way.
That means all details help. The following links provide loads of details.

Assorted links

Any link that we think is interesting.
In particular those that have helped us during development.