Military Operations is an operational level wargame set in World War II. The game features large-scale battles taking place in continuous time, with emphasis on manoeuvrability, managing services, and effective order execution all with a focus on realism.

The game is played on highly detailed topographic maps, allowing commanders to zoom-in between different levels of military hierarchy. Military Operations is based on a unique game engine, which uses a spherical Earth model to visualize the environment.

MilOps (Military Operations) RTS game is currently in development.
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General Questions

We may decide to make an limited edition available in order to gather feedback on several innovations we are including in the game.

We feel it is more important to first focus on the single-player experience. The engine however could support multiplayer, so a future version may well introduce this feature.

It is our intention to release the game on Steam.

Military Operations is created by an independent developer, and funded by its founders.


Military Operations is best described as a “War Simulation”. It however contains features of both Wargames and Real-Time Strategy games. Its Wargaming heritage brings attention to historical detail and overall realism while its real-time mechanics and visual detail are typically found in Real-Time Strategy games.

No. In the game your role is that of a commander leading your troops in battle. The game is all about commanding in combat.

The computational power of the GPU is used for both simulating and rendering a large unit count. Military Operations features an unique and intuitive hierarchical command system that allows the player to control thousands of troops on the battlefield.

Military Operations is an operational-level game. This means that players conduct battles from a General’s point of view. The game will allow you to zoom into the battle to exercise more control if you feel the need to do so.

Military Operations is an operational-level wargame, so the combat routines will not feature full tactical level of detail. The simulation models however aim to be realistic. So your example will actually be part of the simulation model. More important, logistics, communications, supply consumption, AI and environment conditions are all accurately simulated.

Yes, troops can and will embark/disembark. Nevertheless, as a player you will not be required to order troops to do so. It will be part of the AI’s responsibility to decide whether they feel the environment conditions or your orders require them to.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Quad-Core Intel/AMD Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 GB video RAM
  • OpenGL 4.3 capable graphics processor
  • OpenCL 1.2 support for your graphics processor
  • 25 GB hard drive space


Military Operations is created using the “Metis” Engine, a proprietary simulation engine created by BitBunch, capable of seamless visualization of the entire earth and simulating battles involving thousands of units.

Yes, the game will allow players to create mods for the game.

OpenGL is designed to do 3D graphics on the Graphics Processor (GPU). OpenCL provides generic access to the GPU without a specific intend other than massively parallel processing. It is close to the hardware so there is no holding hands, but in return it is very fast. All major graphics cards vendors install OpenCL drivers with their video drivers.

At this stage, George (one of our team-members) is responsible for the historical accuracy aspect of the game, since he is the “amateur WW2 historian” of the group.